Canada 150: Community Builders Volunteer Medals

This year we will be celebrating Canada's 150th year of Confederation.  Because this is such an exciting occasion Cathay Wagantall - MP for Yorkton-Melville has decided to commemorate our 150th by honouring volunteers in our communities.
Cathay is using Canada's 150th celebration as an opportunity to award and recognize our many volunteers who are making a difference in so many ways. That is why she needs your help in nominating that special person you know has made a difference.
The nominees can be a coach taking on a sports team, a teacher tutoring children, a student helping the elderly, a not-for-profit organization promoting a cause, a child who helps out his or her own peers, a local business sharing their profits, an individual donating bone marrow, a club collecting donations, a first responder, or an elderly member who has been volunteering since the very beginning.  A nominee can be anyone who is taking time out of their lives to help better their community.
With the volunteer you have in mind, please visit Cathay's website to nominate them by filling out the application.  You can also download the printable nomination form below, it can be filled out, scanned and emailed to  The deadline for nomination submissions has been divided into four dates.  The first call is June 12th, 2017; the second call is July 10th, 2017; the third call is September 11th, 2017; and the final deadline is November 6th, 2017.
Nomination Form: "Community Builders Volunteer Medals"