Community Works

trackMelville Community Works

800 Prince Edward Street
Box 309 Melville, SK S0A 2P0
Phone: 306-728-4494
Fax: 306-728-4494

Please visit to view the Melville Community Works website
To provide a place where organizations of all ages within our community feel welcome, and area able to pursue their groups' purpose. Also, to provide adequate space and permanent homes for these groups at a fair and reasonable cost.

Gallery Works & The 3rd Dimension

Two Gallery Spaces
These are both Public Gallery Spaces
-10% Commission for gallery sales
New installations every month which include OSAC traveling shows, local regional & provincial artists

Monday - Friday 9 a..m - 5p.m.
Artists wishing to show in the galleries need only to contact our office with their portfolio of work.

Regular Tenants

Air Cadets
Cindy - 306-728-4041

Art Club
Shirley - 306-728-2790

Fish & Game League
Ken - 306-728-2244

Girl Guides
Sherie - 306-728-5978

Guitar/Violin Lessons
Craig - 306-783-1867

Kidsville Indoor Playground
Kendra - 306-730-8315

Magic Moments Playschool Room
President Lindsay - 306-728-3599

Piano Lessons
Elfriede - 306-748-2506

Piano & Voice Lessons
Barbara - 306-748-2203

Erin Nystrom - 306-728-5841

Quilter's Guild
Erica - 306-794-4506

River Church
Dave - 306-728-2279

Sole Works - Reflexology
Shannon - 306-728-1902

Weight Watchers

Did You Know?

City Council purchased Parkview School August 1st, 2001, for the purpose of creating a cultural Centre.
The Melville Arts Council, a non-profit organization, formed an executive to govern this new cultural centre.
Melville Community Works, your arts, culture and recreational centre, has received grants to maintain programming, allowing them the opportunity to employ staff.
They welcome volunteers and new members to further strengthen Melville Community Works' presence in the community.
They run extensive day and evening art classes for children, youth and adults which includes painting, pottery, wheel work and sculpture.
They are preparing a new sculpture garden to compliment the existing garden on the West side of the building.