Green Melville Program

Green Melville

The City’s Program "Green Melville” needs your help to plant trees in parks and green spaces. The City is looking for organizations to volunteer to plant trees in pre-selected locations around the City. Organizations will be paid $10 per tree for their time.  The Community Tree Planting Day will take place on June 10th 2017. .

  • The City will supply the tree, black dirt, tree stakes, and the exact location of the trees to b planted.
  • The organization will be responsible for all the tree-planting tools ex; shovels auger, wheelbarrow, etc…
  • Future tree care (watering, weeding etc) will be the responsibility of the City of Melville
  • Volunteer organizations will receive $10 per tree they plant!
  • A verity of trees will be planted to have a diverse urban forest. (tree species selected by the City.
  • Trees will be between 3’ – 5’ tall
  • A list of the tree planting locations can be found on the City’s website or at City hall.
  • Underground utilities will be marked prior to the tree planting.   
  • The City accepts not liability of the volunteers.
  • Preference given to those organizations that are involved with the youth.
  • Once your organization is selected, you will be required to have a representative to attend a tree planting orientation to streamline the success of the Community Tree Planting Day.
  • If you have another location other than what is already planned to be planted, please let us know!
Program criteria: The following criteria will be used to select organizations:
  • Does your organization benefit the youth in our community
  • The program applies only to Organizations that are located in Melville.
  • Does your organization have access to the needed tools to plant trees?
  • Has the application been made by a person of authority within the organizations?
  • Must be safe at all times.
  • Must Have fun!
  • Location of trees and tree species will be approved by the Director of Public Works and Planning Services.

Deadline for applications will be April 4th, 2017. Those received after the deadline may be considered for the 2018 planting season, (Spring or Fall).

Should you require additional information, or if you would like to participate in the Adopt a Tree program, please contact 306-728-6840.