Melville Swimming Pool


For over thirty years, swim enthusiasts from all around have been using the Melville Swimming Pool as their source of summer fun. This beautiful, outdoor, L-shaped pool becomes a hub of activity in the summer months. It has a grassy area for sun bathers, as well as one-metre and three-metre diving board for thrill seekers.
The Melville Swimming Pool is always striving to better its facilities for everyone to enjoy.
In 2013 mechanical work was done, in 2014 a new boiler system was installed, and in 2015 the swimming pool got a fresh paint job! Fundraising has begun towards a new beach entry swimming pool that all ages and abilities will be able to enjoy!

 2017 Rates  Daily Admission  8 Day Pass  Season Pass
 Child/Student  $5.00  $38.50  $98.75
 Adult  $7.00  $44.75  $140.00
 Family  $21.50  $136.50  $242.00
 3 & Under  FREE  FREE  FREE

*Children ages 6 and under must be WITHIN ARMS REACH OF A PARENT (aged 16 and over) AT ALL TIMES*
Pool Rentals - Youth: $75.75/hr (plus GST), Adult: $133.25/hr (plus GST)
Swimming Lessons must be registered in person at the pool. Please contact the pool for details.
Please call the pool at 306-728-6859 for confirmation of specific times.