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The Melville Swimming Pool (MSP) began operations in its current location, in 1967.  This facility is a large attraction to both local residents, as well as visitors from afar. 

The pool is comprised of two parts. The first component is the lane pool. This end is 0.92 m deep and gradually goes to 1.1 m deep. At the end of the first component, you then enter the Deep End. The shallow end has a depth of 1.5 m, gradually sloping to the deep end where the depth is 3.35 m. There is also 2 diving boards (1 m and 3 m).  

For over thirty years, swim enthusiasts from all around have been using the Melville Swimming Pool as their source of summer fun. This beautiful, outdoor, L-shaped pool becomes a hub of activity in the summer months. It has a grassy area for sunbathers, as well as    one-metre and three-metre diving board for thrill seekers.
The Melville Swimming Pool is always striving to better its facilities for everyone to enjoy.
In 2013 mechanical work was done, in 2014 a new boiler system was installed, and in 2015 the swimming pool got a fresh paint job! Fundraising has begun towards a new beach entry swimming pool that all ages and abilities will be able to enjoy!