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Melville Fire Department 

Fire Services
The safety mission of the City of Melville Fire and Rescue is that the City of Melville has a humane interest in avoiding the loss of human life and pain and suffering. It also has an economic interest in reducing the number and severity of accidents to the benefit of all concerned.
The City of Melville Fire and Rescue has an authorized strength of 30 volunteer firefighters operating 3 pumpers, one command vehicle and a rescue truck. Each year Melville firefighters respond to approximately 95 emergency calls for service. The fire department is completely tax supported with a budget of over 125 thousand dollars. Fees may be charged to recover costs related to hazardous materials emergency control and fires outside of the City as covered by service agreements.
Melville Fire and Rescue offers the following essential services:
Fire Prevention and Public Education. Firefighters protect public safety by inspecting buildings and enforcing fire and certain nuisance codes. Firefighters provide plans review and safety education in preventing fires, using fire extinguishers and other similar topics. Fire Suppression. Firefighters are trained and equipped to rescue persons trapped by fire and extinguish fires that may occur. Technical Rescue. Firefighters are fully trained in vehicle extrication, high-level rope rescue, hazardous materials response, confined spaces, cave-ins, building collapse, machinery entanglement and like situations. Hazardous Materials. Firefighters respond to control accidents involving hazardous materials. Disaster Response. As part of a coordinated public safety effort, firefighters respond to flooding, tornadoes, ice storms and other large emergencies.