History of the Melville Swimming Pool

The Melville Swimming Pool (MSP) began operations in its current location, in 1967.  This facility is a large attraction to both local residents, as well as visitors from afar. 

When originally built, the pool comprised of two parts in an L-shape. The first component was the lane pool. This end was 0.92 m deep and gradually deepened to 1.1 m. At the end of the first component, swimmers could enter the Deep End. The shallow end had a depth of 1.5 m, gradually sloping to the deep end where the depth was 3.35 m. There were also 2 diving boards (1 m and 3 m) for swimmers to test their courage and diving skills. This beautiful, outdoor, L-shaped pool became a hub of activity in the summer months. It had a grassy area for sunbathers, as well as one-metre and three-metre diving board for thrill seekers.

The MSP is always striving to better its facilities for everyone to enjoy. In 2013, mechanical work was done and in 2014, a new boiler system was installed. In 2015, the swimming pool got a fresh paint job. After many years of service, fundraising efforts were made to completely replace the original pool to create a new beach-entry pool for the community.

The new Melville Swimming Pool, opening in the summer of 2022, will continue to excite children, adults, and seniors alike in the coming years as it features a gradual entry, two-story waterslide, and upgraded changerooms to accommodate swimmers of all abilities.