Caboose 77295

The Canadian National Railways van 77295 is a step back in time, located by Highway 10 across from the Independent Grocery Store.

The caboose or van was built by the Grand Trunk Railway in 1895. When it was built, the number of this van was 90309, but when it was transferred to the Canadian National Railway in 1925, it also received a new number. This van served as the hotel room or bunk house for that railway crew until their assignment was complete. As such, it features multiple storage cabinets for clothing, supplies, and food. Additionally, the caboose features a small office space, coal stove, and half-bathroom for amenities. The caboose was restored in the 1980’s and was placed in its current spot to be used as the Tourism Melville Office until 2006 when a new office was built.

Today, the caboose is welcome to visitors young and old to take a peek from it's highest windows and enjoy the view of Melville or to observe the maps and books that would guide the CNR employees. 

If you are interested in seeing the inside of this unique exhibit, give us a call at (306) 728-3722 from May to August to schedule a free tour!