Disc Golf

The Melville Disc Golf Course is nestled in the gorgeous Melville Regional Park and features an 

18-hole course with newly-upgraded baskets, challenging turns, and long stretches of open play. 

Recently, Melville has developed a Disc Golf Club, with more information about future tournaments and events on their Facebook and Instagram.

The objective of disc golf is to get your frisbee in the basket in the fewest number of throws possible, similar to golf. The rules are as follows:

  1. Don't throw the disc towards others in the park. 
  2. The person who has the least amount of throws on the previous hole, throws first.
  3. Once all players tee off the starting block, the disc farthest from the hole plays first. 
  4. The person's next throw is made from where their disc landed. 
  5. When a disc lands in the chain basket, the hole is completed. 

The first starting block is located by the gazebo in the north parking lot, closest to the Melville Swimming Pool. There is a large billboard with the full rules and relevant information posted near the start.