Mayor's Corner

Mayor's Corner

Working grow Melville
May, 2017

In spite of the many challenges facing our city there have been many good news stories in our community.  The "Chase the Ace” project initiated by the Melville Lions Club in support of a new swimming pool occurs each Wednesday at HCUC at 5:00 pm. St. Peter’s Hospital-St Paul Lutheran Home honored volunteers at a luncheon on April 27th. The 50th anniversary of the Melville Arts Club and the Rail Station Gala occurred on April 29th. The Millionaire Baseball Gala on May 6th featuring former Blue Jays Roberto Alomar and Duane Ward along with President Kevin Kvaume was well attended. Tim Ohler’s International Mantis Canada re-branding grand opening occurred on May 6 with Grandmaster Sun Deyao of Atlanta, Georgia in attendance. On that same date the Vape Shop was officially opened for business. Don Narcisse, former Roughrider, with assistance from Robert Mimes and Dillon Grodin hosted a junior football development camp on Sunday May 7. Our city celebrated "Pride Week” with the raising of the Pride flag at City Hall on May 9th. Very shortly our Commissionaire and the RCMP will initiate a "Positive Ticketing” event to recognize positive individual actions.

City Manager Audrey Ulmer, Director of Public Works Andrew Fahlman and I as Mayor, had a private meeting with Minister of Environment, Scott Moe, Minister of Government Relations, Donna Harpauer, and our MLA Mr. Warren Kaeding on May 1 attempting to resolve our landfill issues and to seek committed financial support for our major water project. We very much appreciated the opportunity to address these concerns and look forward to favorable results on these issues.

Council has approved an 8.36% increase in taxation with a 6.04% increase in revenue over the 2016 revenue requirement. An additional 2.32 % was required to overcome reduced provincial government grants-in-lieu funding.  Council will be looking at different tax scenarios before tax notices are issued.

We are pleased to note that Fire Chief Tyrone Mogenson was one of thirty individuals from across Canada that was invited to attend the National Fire Protection Association’s Rural Fire Symposium that was recently held in Toronto. This event attended to cross-Canada rural fire issues.

Did you know that some 340 individuals have received therapeutic support at the HCUC Cardiac Care Family Fitness Centre during the last five years?

Mayor Walter Streelasky 

February, 2017 

The customary cold stormy January mellowed during the latter part of the month, which resulted in a bit of a winter reprieve.

With the coming of a new year, Council was subjected to detailed budget discussions. To date, we have approved a 6.04 revenue increase, but have not, as yet, established the taxation rate. That will be established once the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency sets out the new assessment rates.

Sincere congratulations to Larry Peterson, Chairperson of the 2017 Viterra-Scotties Tournament of Hearts, along with Larry Kreklewich, Melville Curling Club President, and all those volunteer workers who staged a most impressive and successful curling event during the week of January 24-29, 2017. Thank you, as well, to our HCUC and public works staff for their superb efforts to ensure that the event ran smoothly. We also congratulate the Penny Barker team of Moose Jaw who will represent Saskatchewan at the National competitions. We applaud the other curling competitors for their perseverance and display of skilled curling.There are many ways of advancing a positive ambience in our city. The Melville Prairie Fire Midget AAA Hockey Team raised over $9000.00 in support of Breast Cancer on January 14, 2017. The team, their coaches and executive are to be commended for their committed efforts. Melville Minor Hockey Night also occurred on that same date - two

There are many ways of advancing a positive ambience in our city. The Melville Prairie Fire Midget AAA Hockey Team raised over $9000.00 in support of Breast Cancer on January 14, 2017. The team, their coaches and executive are to be commended for their committed efforts. Melville Minor Hockey Night also occurred on that same date - two well-attended activities occurring on the same night under one roof. President Wayne Bokor and his committee provided a most exciting evening of entertainment featuring guest speakers Craig Reynolds, Kevin Karius and Dennis Hull. Their presentations were enjoyed by all those in attendance.

Congratulations to MCS Football Coach John Svenson, who was invited to join the coaching staff of the National World Womens’ Football Championship for 2017.

Did you know that there are some 17 kilometres of cooling pipes in our HCUC ice slab?

Mayor Walter Streelasky

January, 2017

As we welcome 2017 the citizens of Melville and all Canadians anxiously ready themselves for our country’s 150th anniversary. It only takes a television newscast to remind us of how fortunate indeed we are to be Canadians. In 1867 many may have regarded the formation of this vast country as an experiment that could not succeed. But, it was the determination and vision of so many different cultural groups that resulted in Canada becoming one of the greatest peace-loving nations in the world. Canada is a land of equal opportunities for all. It is incumbent on all of us that this valued principle remains with us well into the future.

Hopefully, Canada’s Bicentennial will serve as an opportunity to celebrate this national milestone in history by initiating, participating in or attending national, provincial and community events. Families may wish to mark this special 150 year celebration by creating their own memory-maker family event. Happy Bi-Centennial to all! Our City is embarking on a "Plant a Tree” program to mark this celebration.

Some very exciting events occurred in our City just prior to the New Year. The City of Melville recognized their employees by presenting them with "Long Service Awards.”  The Samahang Filipino Canadian organization received the Community Cultural Award Geri Miller and Colleen Gorecki were recipients of the Community Involvement Award. Congratulations to these very deserving individuals for their contributions.

Melville City Council was honored with a visit from Melville-Saltcoats - MLA  Warren Kaeding andConstituency representative, Rick McIntyre, on December 19, 2016. Discussions highlighted community development issues.

December 21, 2016 Canada-Saskatchewan Infrastructure Announcement saw our Fire Training Facility at the airport site receive $200,000 for the construction of a new fire-training building as well as other related supports to this initiative. Melville has hosted 13 fire training events to date.

The City of Melville presented a position paper on Crime Reduction to a hearing hosted by the provincial government on December 21, 2016. 

Mayor Walter Streelasky

December, 2016
As we near the end of 2016 we look back at the many positive events and highlights that occurred in our city and surrounding community. First, we were once again subjected to much rain dur ing the summer. Water levels were higher at fall end than spring. The farmers enjoyed abundant crop yields despite harvesting difficulties.  Our City officially transferred ownership and water responsibilities to SaskWater on July 1, 2016. This huge 33 million dollar project will be financed by the City and SaskWater on a 20-80 % cost basis. The City updated some of its equipment needs, readied the Hospitality Corridor for occupancy, created a new City Website and completed a new Management Review format. In the month of October City elections took place which resulted in the addition of four new members to City Council. Our council mandate is to continue to provide our city and our citizens with continued progressive, citizen- cen tered governance.
With the arrival of December comes festivities and events as we prepare to celebrate the miracle of that first Christmas so long ago. Signs of the Christmas Spirit were certainly evident in the streets and shops of Melville as crowds of folks came out to enjoy the festive Light Parade as well as the various activities taking place downtown. A big thank you to Chantelle Rivers for organizing this successful event. You are invited to the Community Carol Festival which takes place on Sunday, December 11, 2016 – 2:00 pm at First United Church.On behalf of Melville City Council and myself, I wish everyone a most joyous Christmas holiday. I also know that Christmas can be a time of personal sadness. If there is any way that I can assist in lightening your burden, please contact me at 306-728-4409.
On behalf of Melville City Council and myself, I wish everyone a most joyous Christmas holiday. I also know that Christmas can be a time of personal sadness. If there is any way that I can assist in lightening your burden, please contact me at 306-728-4409.

May your time with family, friends and community be most enriching and memorable.   

Merry Christmas – Happy New Year!

Mayor Walter Streelasky

November, 2016 

I am most grateful to the Citizens of Melville who have shown support and confidence in my leadership of our city. I look forward to growing Melville, caring for our citizens, and serving as Melville’s ambassador by promoting our city as a great place to live, to raise a family, to come home to and to do business in.

I congratulate all those candidates that won a seat on City Council. I look forward to a satisfying and progressive working relationship with my council colleagues. It is important to recognize and thank all those that chose to let their names stand for elections of council members, rural municipalities, and school boards. Your willingness to serve is to be commended. The Citizens of Melville are to be commended for their involvement in the electoral process. Our Returning Officer Anna Izzard noted a 41% citizen vote participation rate.  

On Thursday, November 3, 2016, a Melville City Council Installation Ceremony took place with the Honorable Warren Kaeding - Melville-Saltcoats Member of the Legislative Assembly conducted the Oath of Office to our Council. An evening of entertainment and fellowship with family and friends followed.

Monday, November 7, 2016, was recognized as a Council Orientation Event. Bylaws, procedures, required disclosures, budget policies, purchasing policies and a summary of budget project updates were presented. Cathay Wagantall, Yorkton-Melville Member of Parliament attended our orientation meeting and spoke to council regarding her various roles and responsibilities in Ottawa,

Our first Workshop and Regular Council meeting occurs on November 21, 2016. 

Did you know that Melville’s 1908 first council consisted of three individuals and that Melville a ttained city status in 1960 with 5000 plus residents? 

Mayor Walter Streelasky 

September, 2016
John Steinbeck, a famous American author, brought forward the notion of the circular nature of reoccurring events… of life.  How true this is of our community as we ready ourselves for another school year, activity registrations and other fall related events.
Council is pleased that our swim pool provided us and our neighboring communities with a variety of aquatic activities. We commend our Recreation Department Manager, Heather Miller, and her most competent staff for enabling us to have another successful year of pool operations. The Parkland Search and Rescue Organization conducted a Safety Car Clinic in Melville on August 18 at the Prairie Coop Service Station. This group has been formed to assist various agencies in the event that a search and rescue situation occurs. I commend them for this initiative.
We are very pleased that, once again, our City provides a summer ice program for our region. It is heartening to see participants attend these various development camps from many different communities reaching as far away as Calgary.
After much research and debate the City of Melville will continue to administer and maintain the sign corridor in its present form. Discussions had occurred with respect to moving the sign corridor outside the city but Council decided to forgo further exploration of this initiative at this time.
City Council gave approval to participate in a Transportation Master Plan under the Urban Highways Connector Program. This program looks at future travel patterns, assessing the present infrastructure as well as looking at future needs.
Congratulations to Team Saskatchewan and Coach John Svenson on capturing the Senior Women’s National Championship in late July. Mr. Svenson dedicates much time to the sport of football at the local, provincial and national levels.
Did you know that Melville was the first municipality in Canada to sign a joint contract with the RCMP on August 16, 1937 for community policing services?
Mayor Walter Streelasky