Mayor's Corner

Working grow Melville 

January 2021
On my Mainstreet GX radio commentary I made reference to January 1st, New Years’ Day noting the bright, sunny and calmness we
experienced, with the hope that this day would serve as a possible predictor of a promising year ahead.
As we enter the tenth month of the Covid-19 pandemic, we long for the day that we may once again return to gatherings of family and friends, to carefree travel, to the addition of new life experiences, to seeking new opportunities.
For the first time during my terms on council we were able to approve our budgeting process prior to December 31 of our current year. This achievement enables our team to move quickly on projects to be initiated through early tendering and utilizing our winter season to lay out detailed plans for the construction season. Our 2.11 % budget increase is very much in line with other cities and allows us to move forward through diligent prioritization 
of required projects. 
When I speak of priorities the Lift Station #1 has been on our replacement list for the last four years – this we hope to attend to with an overall cost of 3.2 million. The landfill redesign at 2.55 million is also part of our 2021 budget. Swim pool completion, paving some city streets and placing 1.29% into our reserves all form part of our development plan for our city this year. 
With respect to the many activities and events our community has been involved in or hosted in the past, Covid-19 has limited these occurrences to a crawl. Many of us must respond to our work responsibilities but these work situations have greatly changed. Thank you for your perseverance and fortitude as we wait for the day when this pandemic ends.
Hats off to MCS Principal Brandon Needham who was recently recognized for his influence and guidance in reconciliation education.
Did you know that the Opera House Auditorium on the third floor of City Hall is regarded as one of the finest 100 year old concert halls in Saskatchewan because of its superb acoustics? 


December 2020

As we enter this festive season once again may we reflect on the true spiritual meaning of Christmas – the birth of the Christ Child on that first Christmas so long ago. May we celebrate this holiday event with an optimistic view to the future, but always cognizant of the protocols required of us in overcoming Covid-19. Yes, there is a cloud hanging over us, but let us be stalwart  and determined to not let the Grinch steal the spirit of Christmas.
On two different occasions Carol and I chose to tour the streets viewing Christmas decorations. Oh, so many homes, trees, lawn ornaments all lit to brighten, to lift our spirits. The downtown business decorations and lights  provide such a glowing welcome.  I don’t recall ever seeing such a resolute determination to light up our city -truly exceptional!  And then there is OK Tire - Mr. Mitrenga and his supporters doing their Friday night tour with their amazing double-long unit of Christmas attire. The music, the decorations, the lights are truly a sight to behold. Our citizens have been undaunted in their resolve to add joy and good cheer for the residents of our city.

With our necessary Covid-19 restrictions in place there will undoubtedly be moments of loneliness, heartache and despair. Families unable to connect, social gatherings discouraged or very limited and family traditional events on hold. But, we must dig deep into Pandora’s Box and attach ourselves to HOPE. As history has proven, "this too will pass.”

This Christmas my family, including my seven-month old granddaughter, will not be coming home. I, like you, will have a challenging Christmas.

I am home for the holidays and, as in the past, if I can in any way assist or bring comfort to you please phone me at 306-728-4409. 

Merry Christmas - Happy New Year!

November 2020

I would like to thank the citizens of Melville for allowing me the privilege  to serve another term as the Mayor of the City of Melville. This I will do to the best of my ability. I want to recognize, with appreciation, the members of our new council. I very much look forward to continue to work with council as we set the course for good governance and further growth and development. I wish to acknowledge all those who stood for office at the November 9th election and thank them for their willingness to let their names stand.

The November 11thRemembrance Day Service paid tribute to the heroic defenders of our nation by laying down their lives so that we may enjoy the many freedoms afforded us. The event also allowed us to honor our veterans for their commitment to our democratic way of life. We commend the Melville Legion Branch for initiating a commemorative Remembrance Day event despite the impact on Covid-19 restrictions.

Our City Staff have been working diligently to provide services for our citizens while attempting to follow SHA health guidelines. Providing for essential services, resolving minor sport procedures, working with the SJHL, facility disinfections and a host of other duties and procedures that consume their day.    Citizens, we must do our part. Please respect and respond to the established Covid-19 protocols.

Congratulation to Chris Bruce - Director of Community Planning for receiving the Provincial Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Award for his exceptional community development leadership.  Well done Director Bruce!

Hats off to Irene Pilon and her dedicated team at Caleb Village who donate their time and knitting skills in order to supply Teddy Bears for less fortunate children around the globe.

Did you know that Canada experienced the 1914 Typhoid Fever and the 1918-19 Spanish Flu? We, too, will overcome the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. 

October 2020

One of my first priorities as an incoming new mayor in 2006 was that I would try to communicate with our citizens by writing a monthly "Mayor’s Corner.” This I have consistently done for the last fourteen years. It was my hope that this effort would be valued. I thank the Melville Advance and the City of Melville Website for their cooperation in enabling me to communicate my message to our citizens.

As noted in my previous message in September we are in an election mode. Provincial elections were held on October 26th and Municipal elections will be on November 9th. We are very fortunate in our country to have the opportunity to determine leadership for the next four years in our various jurisdictions. You are encouraged to have your say in this democratic process by casting your ballot.

Our city has met on different occasions with the Council of Kahkewistahaw First Nations, now the owners of the Babcock Wilcox plant, to discuss future operational options. This facility has great potential which we hope will be beneficial to both Kahkewistahaw and our community through job creation and increased economic activity.

A special celebration occurred on September 22 when a park located at Prince Edward and 3rd Avenue was renamed "Norm Konechny Park” in honor of Deputy Chief Konechny’s 50 plus years of dedicated firefighter service to Melville and District. 

Did you know that in 1947 the former St Peter’s Hospital located at 7th Avenue East was the first recognized accredited hospital in Saskatchewan?

September 2020
There is certainly a flurry of political reorganization activities ranging from rural and urban municipal elections, to school board and 

provincial elections as well as the possibility of a federal election. Elections are a part of our democratic process allowing for individual participation in determining leadership placement. We have the opportunity to have our say – Please VOTE in the upcoming elections!
Slowly and cautiously our province has moved to open our economy while steadfastly messaging Covid-19 precautions and care – discouraging inter-provincial travel, utilizing the "bubble” relationship model and keeping that distance.

With the start of school we empathize with teachers, students and parents as each have momentous challenges to face – teachers tasked with establishing a safe climate for learning, students learning in a restricted environment, parents weighing an in-school learning opportunity opposed to on-line instruction. We do not envy the difficulty the dilemma imposes on each.

With the record-breaking cold snap of September 8th, we realize that any further flower, garden or crop growth has ended and that we will hopefully experience a speedy harvest before yet another season sets in.

We welcome many aspiring young SJHL hockey players to our Millionaire Camp on the September 11th weekend. We wish Coach Rooney, the Millionaire executive and all our players the very best as we hopefully prepare for a season of exciting hockey.

Did you know that our Melville Fire Department, under the leadership of Fire Chief Mogenson, has attended in excess of eighty children’s birthday parties to present the birthday child with small tokens regarding fire awareness? During this difficult time of restricted birthday gatherings a fire truck complete with sirens and lights has brought many delighted smiles to each child.  

August 2020 
Many years ago a respected colleague of mine made reference to decision- making during difficult times. "Heavy the head that wears the Crown” and this leads me to think of all the different individuals and groups that today must make very difficult decisions and choices.
I think of Prime Minister Trudeau and the Government of Canada, of Premier Moe and our Members of the Legislature, of Doctor Tam and Doctor Shahid, of the education decision makers throughout our great country  as well as community leaders and always the parent or parents who now are forced to make difficult choices. Hopefully, decisions are being made in our best interest and the interest of our country, province and community with the hope that this pandemic will be curbed. Our resolve is tested by adhering to spacing, to exercising isolation, to considering the use of masks, to working from home or to being subjected to job lay-off situations. Personal limitations to travel, shopping, learning and attending events are part of our new daily reality. Decisions made are often not easy to accept. They may impose personal and family hardship, not by malicious intent, but solely focused on seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
I believe each of us has a role to play during this difficult restrictive time. We can offer our concerns to the decision makers, we can suggest solutions, we can look to our neighbors for support or in return offer them support.
As we move forward into this next month with the start up of various activities in our community may we do so cautiously and carefully ever mindful of the part we play in these uncertain times.
Did you know that 75 wartime homes were built in Melville to accommodate returning World War ll Veterans?

July 2020
This month I would like to present an overall picture of projects, events and activities that are occurring in our city during this Covid-19 pandemic.
First, it was a council decision to retain all our staff and furthermore to secure employment for our swim pool staff despite pool closure. We have been able to employ our staff to take on projects that had been previously shelved because of other work priorities. Tasks such as painting curbs, picnic tables, cross walks and trimming hedges have been attended to.
Travel safety measures have been dealt with by the placement of "Stop” and "Yield” signage throughout the city. Flashing lights in park and school zones have also been installed to enhance child and pedestrian safety. 
On a grander scale we are beginning to redo sewer-water-pavement issues on 3rdAvenue East, attending to landfill and recycling needs, as well as supporting    the Coop development as they move forward in their construction process.
Congratulations to Anteneh Miller on receiving a $3000 Sask Power- Sask Weekly Newspaper Association Junior Citizen Award. We wish Anteneh well as he pursues future studies.
The rains of July 12th were most welcome unlike the winds of July 13th. The major storm on July 13th caused havoc throughout the city leaving citizens, as well as the city crews, dealing with a great deal of clean-up.
The Canada Day parade on July 1st turned out to be a most unique community celebration. As the many parade entrants wound their way through the streets of Melville they were applauded by citizens from their front yards and balconies. Thanks to Events Manager, Jennifer Mann, for her efforts in making this such a success.  
Did you know that Melville received city status on August 1, 1960, becoming Saskatchewan’s 11th city? 

April 2020
It was "The best of times, the worst of times.” These first few lines in A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens may once again apply to our current Covid-19 Pandemic world situation. This historic quotation has been utilized by countless leaders and statesmen in addressing difficult situations throughout recent history.  Our present situation causes us to ponder if we are not, as was true of other calamities of the past, reliving this astute observation which was penned prior to the French Revolution.  
First and foremost a most sincere "Thank You” to all our citizens who are so steadfastly supporting mandated procedures issued by the World Health Organization and the many levels of world governments in overcoming this pandemic. While each and everyone of you are doing your part to stymie this disease, I also recognize the difficulties, hardship and sacrifices families undoubtedly experience.
Then I speak of sacrifices, I note how differently we were required to celebrate Easter, how we are required to forgo physical neighborly visitations, how we curb verbal communications during necessitated shopping events.
Thank you to all those, who through their generous acts of kindness are attempting to bring smiles to faces and attempting to strengthen hope for a more pandemic free future.
It is with great pride and appreciation that I, as Mayor of our community, marvel at the commitment and energy of our front-line and professional health care workers who place themselves at the forefront of this demanding crisis.
Take Care Everyone!

March 2020 
Upon completion of our five  year construction phase we finally have a new water treatment plant and a new water source which will supply quality water to Melville and Area. Water is, and will be, the mainstay of a community – Future water quantity and assurance can now serve as a building block in growing our community.
The City of Melville has concluded its budget deliberations and has approved a 2.73% capital and operation budget increase. The budget will provide for infrastructure improvements including water, sewer and roadway upgrades. Plans are underway for a new swimming pool as well as the replacement of aging equipment. Melville ranks 7th lowest of 16 cities in overall budget increases.
Parkland College hosted a strategic planning session in Melville on March 5 which included City of Melville representation and also different community organizations. Melville is fortunate to have the head office of Parkland College in our community. Various programs and training opportunities are provided at this site.      
The Chamber is once again hosting its annual Trade Show at the Merv Moore Complex and the Gun Show at Melville Community Works on March 27-28-29. Our community commends the Chamber for this progressive initiative, and we look forward to balmy weekend weather and community participation.
Kinsmen Telemiracle was, once again, a resounding success both in talent recognition and financial achievement. The event success and provincial support will translate in providing for the many in need. Our local service club who continues to do vital work in our community recently celebrated the 100thanniversary of Kin Canada.
Congratulate to Ken and Lorie Somogyi on hosting over 100 Millionaire baseball and hockey billets over the years. What wonderful community hosts and welcoming ambassadors to our fine city.
As you may have noticed the Mayor’s old dodge has expired. I will continue to offer a friendly wave from an updated set of wheels.
Did you know that Melville Donor’s Choice has been in existence for 47 years in its effort to support vital organizations in our community?  Thank You Donor’s Choice!

February 2020 
The overwhelming success of the ten day Provincial Curling Championship, thanks to the Melville Curling Club, our many volunteers, community sponsors and HCUC staff is truly an opportunity for celebration! The energy and enthusiasm generated and exhibited by our community was truly inspiring – And what about those two choirs who welcomed the curlers so admirably? Well done all!
CN Rail as part of their "CN Railroaders in the Community” grant program provided the Melville and District Food Bank with a donation of  $25,000. This donation and recognition of our community need is greatly appreciated!
SUMA – the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association is undergoing a re-branding identity and from now be known as the Municipalities of Saskatchewan. Some 20 resolutions were presented. One resolution that received unanimous approval was the resolution recommending the removal of PST from all municipal construction projects with the hope of achieving economic stimulation as well as reducing the financial burden on communities.  
Congratulations to three of our Melville Millionaires – Berk Berkeliev, Luke Nkwama and Zack McIntyre who were selected to perform in the Manitoba-Saskatchewan hockey showcase.
Hats off to Deputy Fire Chief Norm Konechny for 50 years of fire-fighting service to our community. His committed longevity to fire-fighting is to be highly commended.
Congratulations to Kin Canada for 100 years of cross-Canada community service. Kin Canada encompasses the continued efforts of Kinsmen, Kinettes and Kin clubs in our country.
Did you know that the current mayor’s office once served as the judges’ chambers with the third floor opera house being the courtroom? 

January 2020
As we move into a new decade, we undoubtedly move into new challenges and opportunities. Our world is quickly changing and our city must be both visionary and progressive in planning our future. 
Always key to our vision was to grow Melville. We will, very shortly, have a long-term sustainable water system, a major business development along our highway frontage and will continue to advance "quality of life” opportunities in our city.
Our community is very much anticipating the Provincial Curling Championships to be held at Horizon Credit Union Centre January 24- February 2, 2020. This event, the result of the hard-working Melville Curling Club, includes the Provincial Scotties Women’s and the Provincial Sasktel Tankard Men’s Curling competitions. Our community was selected to host this first ever combined event, the result of hosting previous successful provincial curling competitions. Our city extends a warm welcome to all curlers and fans during this exciting ten day curling event.
Just prior to the New Year the Royal Canadian Legion Army Cadets #2517  received the Saskatchewan Premier’s Commendation Award. This special recognition award was well received and well attended by supportive parents and community members.
Melville City Council members will, once again, be attending the 115th Saskatchewan Urban Municipal Association annual convention February 2-5, 2020. An approximate 1000 delegates are expected to be in attendance at the Regina event. Development sessions, resolutions, sector meetings and the opportunity to meet with the provincial cabinet in a "Bear Pit Session”  are part of our four day agenda.
Did you know that the 1915 Melville Millionaire Hockey Team were the Senior Amateur World Champions winning the Allen Cup?  

As we quickly move toward the traditional festive season and the 2019 year end, council continues to work diligently on the completion of budgeted projects as well as 2020 priorities.
The 2020 water utility budget was passed on Monday, December 2, 2019 with an overall increase of 3.17% for the average residential consumer. This is a reprieve from rates of the previous four years. These demanding rate increases were necessary in order to meet our required agreement contributions.
Our community has rallied in support of the Melville and District Food Bank whose "Grand Opening” on November 29, celebrated the relocation of the Food Bank to the new Second Avenue site. We congratulate Colleen Gorecki, the Food Bank Board and the executive team on their quest to provide support to our community members.
We note the historical significance of CN’s 100 years of transportation service for our country. Melville has been the beneficiary of CN’s presence and we congratulate CN on their longevity, community support and employment opportunities for our citizens. 
As noted earlier we are quickly moving into the festive season and we commend the Melville Chamber – Harvey Kormos, Rhonda Bomberak and the parade participants for a most enjoyable light display.
On December 6th our city presented service awards to seven of our employees with special recognition to Jason Dubreuil and Michael Zulyniak for their heroic actions in support of a pedestrian who had fallen on an icy patch.
A community choir under the direction of Audrey Ulmer presented the Cantata " Night of the Father’s Love” at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on Sunday, December 8th.  This musical version of the Christmas story was very well received by the people present. Proceeds of this event were directed to the Melville and District Community Foundation.  
As your mayor, I very much look forward to Christmas. We celebrate the birth of Jesus, our family comes home, we share good times with our friends, we do sparkle tours –I consider myself well blessed. But, this may not be so for all. If in any way I can make Christmas better, brighter for you – please contact me at 306-728-4409                 
Merry Christmas – Happy New Year!

November 2019
Interesting events and visitors happen in our city – At the October 26th  Millionaire hockey game I had the opportunity of visiting with the NHL Buffalo Sabres team scout – obviously checking out some Millionaire- Bronco players. At the Fire School # 16 Graduation celebrations of November 1st I, once again, had the benefit of connecting with the families of our fire graduates.
November 5th recognized a historic initiative by our local Legion in the renaming of Prince William Drive to Veteran’s Way.  The follow-up Remembrance Day ceremonies and banquet were strongly supported by the capacity crowd at Horizon Credit Union Centre. The presence of Member of Parliament Cathay Wagantall and MLA Warren Kaeding was very much appreciated. We congratulate Brian Morris on receiving the Governor General’s "Sovereign Award” for forty years of dedicated community volunteer service. An interesting war time book reading by author Alan J. Buick occurred at the Melville Public Library on November  The book entitled The Little Coat would make for some interesting reading.
On Tuesday, November 12th SaskWater initiated a reverse flush of our water system resulting in water discoloration. This flush was necessary in readiness of the new Water Plant operational start which is to occur early in the new year. We remind our citizens that another flush is required before the system is fully operational. Our citizens will be advised of the flush in advance of the occurrence.
The Cardiac Care Family Fitness Centre plans to offer Cardiac Care early in the New Year dependent on patient registration. Citizens are advised to contact 1-306-786-6363 or contact their family physician to register.
Did you know CN Rail is celebrating its 100thyear of operation with a special event experience – "CN100 - A Moving Experience” at the Canadian Western Agribition held in Regina from November 25thto the 30th? 

October 2019
In a utopian Saskatchewan, one would like to see each of our four seasons gently transition from one weather period to another, but such was not the welcome into fall – it seemed more like a winter jolt.
Many different events of significance occurred over the past month. I had the privilege of attending the 25th Anniversary celebrations of the Oasis Youth Club. Hats off to the leadership and the many young individuals that are part of this most successful initiative. Orange Shirt Day occurred in Melville on September 30th. This is an event designed to educate people and promote awareness about the Indian residential school system. The declaration of Railroad Safety Week September 23-29 stressed the need for exercising great care in and around railroad properties and transportation sites. Fire Prevention Week of October 6-12 focused on our need to be conscious of exercising fire safety habits. Congratulations to Deputy Fire Chief Norm Konechny on 50  years of stellar service in this regard. Donors’ Choice October 3-15 is our community’s way of contributing to the many services we benefit from. Your support is greatly appreciated! Free landfill tipping scheduled for October 12-19 allowed our citizens to rid their yards of leaf-grass residue.
Our city is most grateful to the Rodz N’ Relics Car Club for volunteering to replace the lights at the Centennial Light Parade. Their efforts are truly appreciated and provide a sparkling exhibit to those people passing through our community.
We commend the efforts of our local Legion for their "Commitment to Remembering” – the "Lest we Forget’ Silhouettes at the cemeteries, the naming of the city corridor street to Veteran’s Way as well as their untiring support of veterans and our community.
Hats off to Fire Chief Mogenson and Canadian Tire for the great fire works show after a recent Millionaire game.
Did you know that 3897 people visited our Public Library during July and August and that 476 children took part in their summer programs?

September 2019
The American "Low Pressure” system that centered on Melville on September 9-10-11-12 reminded me of the challenging flood that occurred in our city in 2014. That flood has left a mark on our city to this day. This summer, five years after the flood event, we completed our bridge connector from our east-side residential area to our Regional Park. We have just approved $425,662.00 to repair the City Reservoir in order to reduce the flood risk potential because of the compromised dike. We have received $142,000 in provincial funding for this project. Our Public Works Director, Mr. Fahlman, noted that 47 different applications were submitted to the province for financial assistance because of the 2014 flood.
September 3rd saw the start of another school year. Welcome to new teachers and students in our community. We hope all students are successful in their educational endeavors. Always a reminder to students, cross only at crosswalks and vehicles please respect the 30 km speed limit in the school zones.
City wide "Registration Night” occurred on Monday, September 3rd with many opportunities provided for both our youth and adult community.
Our Community based Melville Millionaires begin their new hockey season with their first home game opener on September 14th . We wish our Millionaires a successful season.
It was good to see an additional layer of new pavement leading into Melville – making the CN overpass portion a more gentle journey. Much necessary construction work has been evidenced on our provincial highways – this initiative is greatly appreciated.
Did you know that in 1909 Melville was served by two newspapers – The Melville Progress and The Melville Canadian?

August 2019
Ah, the beauty of summer – long sunny days, the water park attraction, a variety of summer recreation programs and hopefully some vacation time. At the city level this is our time to deal with the many summer budgeted items – attend to the HCUC chiller, patch those pavement holes, begin the Community Master Recreation Plan process and attempt to resolve the cardboard-paper collection issue.
Fire School #16 is now in its 3rd week of development. This session accommodates 21 individuals seeking their 10-01 Fire-Fighter Certification. Interesting to note that our training program attracted participants from three provinces.
On August 7th our community celebrated Gordon Matthew’s "Celebration of the Portrait” viewing event at Melville Community Works. We recognize and appreciate Mr. Matthew’s talent and his artistic gifts evident throughout our city.
Expanding on our Community Recreation Master Plan initiative our city intent is to take stock of our facilities and align these with our future requirements. Community involvement is an important part of the process.
Our Recreation Department’s Annual Registration Night occurs on Tuesday, September 3rd at Horizon Credit Union Centre from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. We encourage community members to explore the various recreational options available in our community.
A community barbeque sponsored by CUPE in July was well attended and much appreciated.  
Congratulations to Keaton Kreklewich winner of the eight and under Maple Leaf Golf Championship in Saskatoon.
Our 2019 baseball season has ended for the summer.  Did you know that the first Millionaire baseball game took place in Melville in 1910 with Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier, Premier Walter Scott and Federal Minister of Railways George Graham in attendance?

July 2019
What a memorable July 1st Canada Day Birthday party! Our Centennial Park was filled to capacity with visitors, families and entertainers all gathered in celebration of Canada’s 152nd Birthday. We are very fortunate to live in this wonderful land of peace, freedom and opportunity. July 1stalso recognized a host of events and activities on Main Street. Thank you to all who contributed and participated in these festive events.
Pole Bending and Barrel Races occurred at Melville Agripark on June 23 despite challenging moisture conditions.
As of June 24, 2019 we are pleased to welcome our fifth physician Dr. R. Ibrahim to our community.
The July 5-6 weekend saw an interprovincial 9-Man Football challenge between Team Saskatchewan and Team Manitoba. This Challenge initiated by John Svenson consisted of some 35 grade 12 football graduates from each province, which, after a week of hard practice, took part in the "Challenge Cup.” Hats off to John, his coaching assistants, the 70 plus football players that were billeted by our citizens and the large crowd that cheered Team Saskatchewan on to victory.
On June 27, 2019, Melville Comprehensive School Graduates celebrated the completion of High School. These young citizens will now move in pursuit of a wide range of opportunities. We wish them well as they embark on their life journey.
We extend a warm welcome to Mr. Scott Savard who has taken on the "News Reporter” role for the Melville Advance.
The 2019 edition of the "Vacation Guide” has now been distributed throughout Southeast Saskatchewan, which highlights events and activities of our community. This booklet would serve as an exciting summer experience planner.
This past week I was invited to a party of a former resident of Melville. The entire Yachyshen family gathered to reconnect and celebrate their time growing up in our city. A very heart-warming event.
Did you know that from 1867 to 1983 July 1st was known as "Dominion Day”in Canada.  In 1983 by an Act of Parliament, July 1st became celebrated as "Canada Day?”

April 2019 
Our City had the opportunity to celebrate several festive events over the last month.  Skate Melville presented the exciting "Inspiration on Ice,” Parkland College presented a number of scholarships to deserving students, Melville and District Minor Hockey recognized its hockey player participants by hosting a huge banquet and finally The Melville and District Chamber hosted a most successful Gun and Trade show event.
The City of Melville completed its budget discussions, which has resulted in a 3.68% General Operating and Capital Budget. Our City Staff is now in position to attend to the many projects that received council approval. The Province of Saskatchewan presented its balanced budget with no new tax increases.
On April 8, 2019 a huge Hercules Transport plane and some rescue personnel were involved in a Search and Safety Rescue demonstration on the Melville Airport site. This was a practice session designed to advance the skills of the rescue team in a variety of different weather and topographical conditions.
There was a certain nostalgia as we watched Melville’s last prairie sentinel – Melville Mustard Plant Elevator come crashing down. We do have two huge terminals serving our agricultural needs, but another unique historical structure built circa 1911 is no more.
The City of Melville will recognize and participate in World Earth Day on April 22, 2019. As citizens of our world we, as a community, have the opportunity to attend to and enhance climatic and environmental issue. A variety of events and suggestions have been made available to encourage everyone’s involvement – BLUE BAGS available at City Hall
The Melville and District Community Foundation, with support from the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation, is hosting a "Community Conversations” event on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at 7:00pm at Melville Community Works. The purpose of this meeting is to explore community needs-priorities- challenges and to look at possible resources and solutions to make for an even better community. Plan to Attend!
Did you know our Melville Rail Station was designated a National Historic site in 2016?

March 2019
After a frigid February we very much look forward to spring solstice, the crocus and the return of the beautiful Canada goose.
Council is working hard to establish its 2019 operational and capital budget. The budget is always a very demanding process where we try to meet the needs of our city – of our residents, yet always with the intent of not overburdening our citizens. Hopefully, both progress and affordability will be the true measure of our efforts.
It was a real pleasure to have our Melville Curling Club host the Provincial Men’s Senior Curling Championship. All eight regions of our province were represented with the Bruce Korte rink of Saskatoon coming out as winners. The members of our club did a bang-up hosting job – Well done all! Good News for 2020! Melville will, for the second time, host the provincial Men’s Tankard at Horizon Credit Union Centre.
The Millionaire season came to an unfortunate end on March 5th – thank you coaches, players and the executive for a season of hockey entertainment. The Prairie Fire girl’s hockey team has completed their season and with it the end of a team franchise here in Melville. As a community we acknowledge the efforts of all those involved in making this group of young women a viable and enjoyable hockey team.
We encourage citizens from Melville and area to take advantage of the free cardiovascular services provided at Horizon Credit Union Centre. On site are two registered nurses and a physiotherapist to assist individuals with cardio or respiratory issues. Contact your attending physician or phone 1-306-786-0236 to set up an appointment.
Congratulations to Andrew Fahlman, Director of Public Works, who was the recipient of the Saskatchewan Public Works Person of the Year Award for 2018.
We wish Jason Antonio well as he pursues a new opportunity in the City of Moose Jaw. Mr. Antonio served our community for nearly four years as a hard-working reporter for the Melville Advance. We commend Jason for his diligence and efforts.
Upcoming Events: Skate Melville Carnival March 16 – Melville District Chamber of Commerce Trade and Gun Show March 29-31
Did you know that the City of Melville prior to 1908 was called Bethania?

February 2019
On behalf of Melville City Council and the City of Melville I am pleased to welcome Mr. Ron McCullough to our community. Mr. McCullough has been hired as our new City Manager and assumed his new responsibilities on February 11, 2019. He, along with his wife, have taken up residency in our city and we look forward to a satisfying working relationship. Welcome to Melville!
Councilor Rondeau, Councilor Van Zyl, Acting City Manager Audrey Ulmer and I attended the 114th SUMA Convention in Saskatoon recently. Some major happenings noted was the fact that the 1% PST was reduced to ¾ of 1% . However, with this adjustment will come an actual increase in funds because of the wider PST collection net. It is my hope that the Revenue Share agreement reached in 2007 will not be compromised by the 2019 cost-share formula.
We commend Fire Chief Mogenson and the other members of the Melville Volunteer Fire Department for their leadership role in the fire burn exercise at Starblanket, Okanese and Peepeekisis. This event served as a training opportunity to gain an understanding of how best to fight a structure fire as well as how to implement the highest of safety standards.
On Saturday, February 2 a trio of talented musicians featuring a soprano, a cellist and a pianist performed at the City Hall Opera House as part of a "Living Room” concert tour. Another "Living Room” concert will be performing in Melville in the spring.
Did you know that some reminders of our historic past are still present at the City Hall-Opera House?  At one time an elevated space on one side of the hall served as the jury box while the other side was used as a witness box.

January 2019 
After experiencing the shortest day on December 21 and the onset of the winter cold we see hope for warmer brighter days as we slowly creep minute by minute to longer days and eventually spring.
Looking back to the end of 2018 some very exciting events occurred – the ninth annual Filipino Christmas party was a most enjoyable success, the OK Tire travelling Sing-a Long float entertained many over the holiday season and a special "thank you” to the anonymous person who paid for a free children’s holiday movie at our local theatre.
Our community, as well as the players, parents and executive are totally DISHEARTENED  by the Saskatchewan Hockey Association’s decision to eliminate Melville Prairie Fire from the league. This girls’ hockey team, features players from many different communities. This decision may well bring an abrupt end to their hockey ambitions and future hockey careers. As community members, we can sign an on-line petition or send a letter of support to the Prairie Fire Executive in support of our Prairie Fire Team. The public is encouraged to show support by attending their entertaining and exciting competitive games. Your support would be greatly appreciated.
Please note Sask Highways has posted new signage indicating that travel on Highway 10 within city limits has been consistently set at 70 km.
Our deepest sympathy to the families of the tragic Highway 10 accident on Christmas Day.
Did you know that in 1914 Melville’s Board of Trade mission statement was to encourage economic, social and recreational development in the community? 

December 2018 
As we, in our community, participate in and enjoy the many Christmas festivities that occur may we choose to use this time to reflect on the true spiritual meaning of Christmas. It is also a time to look back at the past year reflecting on the joys and blessings of 2018.
Despite our hurried transition from fall to winter, we continue to participate, to enjoy events in our community. The Weekend Dinner theatre presentation hosted by Melville Community Works, the following week-end Moonlight Madness and the colorful Santa Parade delighted all. The huge gathering of people at the corner of 3rd and Main served as a cherished memory of yester-year Saturday Nights in Melville. Chamber - thank you for your most excellent efforts! The week-end of November 23 saw Melville Comprehensive stage the Provincial 4A Volleyball Championships. It was great to see ten teams from all over Saskatchewan participate in this exciting challenge with the Melville Comprehensive Cobras winning the Bronze Medal. A Community Carol Festival was held at First United Church Sunday, December 9 with many different individuals, choirs and groups participating. The event was well attended and our appreciation to all participants and people present. Bethlehem Live, an enactment of the birth of Christ, also occurred on that same date at the Melville Agri-Park grounds.
It my sincere hope that in this upcoming festive season you will enjoy the fellowship of family and friends, and that you will be rejuvenated in both spirit and energy. On behalf of Melville City Council and myself I wish everyone a most joyous Christmas holiday. I also know that Christmas can be a time of personal sadness. If there is any way that I can be of assistance, please contact me a 306-728-4409.
                                    Merry Christmas – Happy New Year to All!

September 2018
It seems that with the toll of the school bell on September 4th a renewed semblance of order and routine began. Academic, recreational and personal development events took on structured schedules as we explored new opportunities.
Public Works Director Andrew Fahlman and I had the opportunity of attending the Saskatchewan Solid Waste Management Strategy meeting on September 7th in Yorkton. It was a regional consultation opportunity to provide input and feedback on provincial draft goals and objectives as well as present additional recommendations. The meeting was organized with the purpose of developing a new Waste Management Strategy for the future. Basically, the future thrust will see more collaborative regional landfills that will adhere to revised Waste Management regulations. Undoubtedly, many more meetings to deal with landfills will occur in the near future.
Our City hosted a successful City-Wide registration night on Tuesday, September 4 with individuals and families given the opportunity to acquire information regarding various activities and organizations. Fire School #15 is nearing the mid-point portion of their training component.
Our city welcomed former students of St. Henry’s High School who celebrated their 50th year reunion on the  September 8th weekend. What a wonderful experience for these graduates to experience a return back to their community roots.
The Melville Rail Station Heritage Association is being recognized by Parks Canada for their restoration efforts of the historic Melville Rail Station. The public is invited to attend this special recognition event on Tuesday, September 25-1:00 pm at the rail station site.
Did you know that a group of Melville locals built a Flying Glider - 1967 Centennial Project that was eventually donated to the Air Cadet League of Saskatchewan?
August 2018 
Our City is currently in discussion with the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure with respect to safety concerns regarding the three highways that service our City.  Highway 47 received a new asphalt base. Signage attending to city entrance speed reduction will occur on Highway 15.  Highway 10, with an average daily traffic count of 3450 vehicles, will see consistent signage as opposed to the present variations. The Seventh Avenue crosswalk area is under review and will also be subject to zebra strip cross walk markings with an overhead sign in 2019. We continue ongoing discussions with the department to ensure citizen safety.
At the August 7th City Council Meeting the zoning bylaw with respect to a cannabis retail sales outlet was approved. The sales outlet must be a minimum 150 metres away from a public education facility, child daycare centre, library or municipal recreation centre. The actual sales outlet site has not, as yet been determined.
We offer congratulations to Melville Heritage Museum and the Melville and District German Heritage Club for 35 years of successful operation. The museum with some 12,000 artifacts serves to tell the Melville and District historical story while the Melville German Club adds to our city’s cultural diversity.
On the business side of City affairs council has approved initial funding for the Lift Station #1 replacement. This station is located on Halifax and Main and is the collection site for our sewage distribution system.
It is always a pleasure to attend "Grand Openings” Congratulations to Trustmark Insurance Brokers and to G3 Canada Limited Elevator located in the RM of Cana. We wish these businesses well as they serve Melville and District
Did you know that in 1910 Melville had its first ever baseball game with Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier and the Honorable Walter Scott, Premier of Saskatchewan, in attendance?       

July 2018
The Melville Minor Ball tournament held this past weekend attracted 49 teams of ball players to our community. Our Regional Park was filled to capacity as campers occupied every available spot. The event was an overwhelming success thanks to the Minor Ball Organizers, the Regional Park Committee and staff and the many community volunteers. Incorporated into this weekend was a welcome home to Terry Puhl- a former team member of the Houston Astros… Various events were held in his honor as well as a dedication ceremony naming a road leading into the Regional Park "Terry Puhl Drive.” The Melville Millionaires also welcomed to Melville many of their parents to enjoy two games at Pirie Field.
The Melville and District Chamber held its Annual Meeting on June 20thbringing forward a new Chamber executive headed by President Tom Shears. We wish the Chamber success in the upcoming year.
 It was a real pleasure to welcome 23 prospective candidates to Fire School # 14 in our City on June 23. These trainees come to Melville from many different communities in Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Despite the rains during the Canada Day Celebration, the events presented by the Melville Chamber and City were well attended and the efforts of the organizers appreciated.
Congratulations to Roger Duncalfe on receiving Canada’s "Paramedic of the Year Award.” Our community is most fortunate to have such an energetic and qualified individual in our community.
Just a further reminder that CN continues in its search for employees to fill the many vacancies that are part of their expansion program in Melville.
It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Dr. Soorya Basnyat that occurred on Thursday, July 12, 2018. Dr. Basnyat was a long time surgeon in our community and was the founding member of numerous projects and organizations. We extend our sincerest condolences to Jill Basnyat and family.
On behalf of the City of Melville we congratulate the Graduating Class of 2018 and wish them all the best in their future life journey.
Please note that Opera House –upstairs level is now accessible to all- thanks to the installation of the stair lift.

May 2018
On behalf of the City of Melville I would like to thank everyone that participated in our May 4th"Earth Day Clean-Up”. It is truly most gratifying to see  citizens of all ages take such ownership of our community.  Our Earth Day initiative implies that are many other things that we can do to make our community environmentally friendly.
Melville had some great musical entertainment over the last month – The Darina Harvey Band, Brenda Lee Cottrell and the Legends, and Country Blend. They drew large,appreciative crowds.
On April 13th CN invited Carol and I to a Stars Gala at Conexus Centre in Regina. This was a wonderful opportunity to meet with Stars representatives, CN personnel, provincial government representatives  and Stars Ambassador from Melville Brynleigh Yewsuk.
Parkland College held a "Grain Safe " demonstration on April 20. Fire personnel and farmers from Melville and area were exposed to the hazards of grain storage situations.
Our City participated in a Pride Flag-Raising ceremony on Tuesday, May 15th part of the Pride Week activities celebrating diversity awareness. Last week we celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week with the Reel Anti- Suppressants Theatre Group.
The City of Melville recognized three different groups and individuals at the Mayor’s Honorary Citizen Awards held on May 15. The recipients were: the Melville Lions Club for hosting "Chase the Ace” with contributions to the City pool fund; Cary and the late Jack Piller and supporters for the installation of a new chair lift at City Hall and all the volunteers that helped erect the new Kinsmen Park playground.
We congratulate the Melville Advance of the Grasslands News Group for receiving ten – top three awards from the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers Association. Our city is very appreciative of media reports as presented by the Melville Advance as well as GX-94, FM Fox, the Rock and CTV.
Did you know that on May 4, 2018 Melville Rail City Industries – Sarcan Depot took in 27,000 recyclable bottles and cans?
Mayor Walter Streelasky 

April 2018
The City of Melville mourns the loss of life, the anguish and the destruction as a result of the horrendous Humboldt Bronco Hockey Team accident on April 6, 2018. We extend our sincerest condolences to the Citizens of Humboldt, the Parents, the Bronco hockey players and Executive on this disastrous event.   
After much diligence and deliberation, Melville City Council approved in principle, its 2018 Budget. While there were innumerable areas for investigation and attention, Council made every attempt to hold the line on spending. Given the fact that we, along with SaskWater, are in the process of building a 38.1 million dollar new water plant the budget revenue rate increase has been set at 3.5%. The 2018-19 Provincial Budget of April 10th attempted to address some of the major issues and limitations of the previous year. We are currently in the process of fully assessing the budget impact on our city.
A very informative Local Detachment RCMP Town Hall presentation with respect to rural crime issues was provided to our community on March 15 by Staff Sergeant Jeff Comeau. Citizen involvement, procedural protocols and preventative measures were addressed.
As your Mayor, I had the good fortune of presenting a scholarship at the Parkland College Scholarship event on March 22, 2018.  A total of 73 students received scholarships in support of their studies. We congratulate all scholarship recipients.
Hats off to the Melville and District Chamber of Commerce and its executive for sponsoring a very successful Trade Show and Gun Show. Hats off, as well, to the organizers of the Provincial 4H Speaking Competitions held in Melville recently highlighting fine young talent. Our City quickly mobilized to host the National Archery School Competitions on April 13-14that the Merv Moore Sportsplex and the Melville Comprehensive High School. Between 800 and 1,000 students from all over Saskatchewan participated. Our City is very grateful to all those who so readily assisted in making this event a huge success. Special thanks to the Oasis Youth Centre, the Air Cadets and the Melville Lions for providing food services for this event.
Did you know that many of the Regina Firefighters received their training at the Melville Fire School?                
Mayor Walter Streelasky

March 2018 
The City of Melville and our many residents will long remember the Colorado Low that hit our City and Area on March 4th and continued for several snow-bound days. Our City Works department worked long and hard to clean our roadways, sidewalks and alleys and for this we commend our staff. Citizens it was a difficult time for you as well and we appreciate your patience and support.
During our Emergency Measures Organization planning meeting of February 22 we dealt with different emergency readiness situations. Little did we know that days later we would be subjected to a massive snowstorm.
We commend St. Peter’s Hospital of Melville for being chosen by the Saskatchewan Medical Association as a visitation site for 35 second and third year medical students. These students were exposed to a variety of different medical procedures, an art session and an evening banquet at the Horizon Credit Union Centre.
At a recent City Council meeting it was decided that Melville would allow for a store front cannabis retail sales outlet. Many different issues will need to be attended to such as policing, location, bylaw reviews and adherence to provincial regulations.
During my recent visit to Victoria I had the pleasure of visiting Dr Soorya and Jill Basnyat. As always, Dr. Basnyat expressed his fondness and his passion for our community and its welfare. A great visit with a most honorable former citizen of Melville.
Melville Prairie Fire Hockey Team had a most successful Breast Cancer Awareness Fund-raising event on February 17th. Hanna Bailey and Kate Wagner allowed their locks to be shaved off in support of Breast Cancer research. Well done Prairie Fire!
Did you know that this year Melville will be featured in CN’s booklet "CN in Your Community”? Each year a Premier, Cabinet Minister or a Mayor is chosen to represent our province.  It is an honor and privilege to be selected as this year’s provincial representative.
Mayor Walter Streelasky 

February 2018
During the month of January and now part of February, we have certainly felt winter’s sting. Cold temperatures, windy days compounded by icy streets –but, on the bright side, the days are getting longer and equinox is getting nearer.
First, on behalf of the citizens of Melville and District, allow me to congratulate Mr. Scott Moe on being elected by the Sask Party membership as the new Premier of our province. We have had the opportunity of working with Premier Moe on different occasions in the past and look forward to a positive working relationship with him in the future. Congratulations are also extended to Melville-Saltcoats MLA Warren Kaeding on being named the Minister responsible for Government Relations and First Nations, Metis and Northern Affairs. We are especially pleased and privileged to have the Honorable Mr. Kaeding be the recipient of such an important cabinet position.
Ms. Ulmer, City Manager, Councilors Wilson and Thiessen and I, as Mayor, attended the SUMA conference February 4-7, 2018. Much discussion centered on issues such as cannabis, landfills, crime prevention, new energy sources, grants in lieu, and the upcoming spring budget. Challenges indeed, but hopefully resilient solutions will be forth coming.
As mayor, I took the opportunity to visit and celebrate "Cameco Hockey Day” in the town of Balcarres. Our city congratulates the citizens of Balcarres on their success and on the fine reception events provided. Well done to President Tracey Hanley and the members of the Melville Lions’ Club for initiating and managing the exciting, "Chase the Ace” event with funds directed to the proposed new swim pool. Their tireless efforts were truly appreciated by our community.
A special, "thank you” to Mr. Darcy Gross a long-time Sports editor of the Melville Advance for his committed efforts to report on sporting and recreational events in and around Melville over the last nine years. Well done Darcy
Did you know that that Steam Engine #5114 - located at Melville Regional Park once carried 15 tons of coal and 6700 gallons of water at the start of each run?  – Quite a load!   
Mayor Walter Streelasky 

January 2018 
Happy New Year Everyone! It is my sincere hope that our community and residents will be blessed with prosperity, good health and a year full of most enriching experiences. The recent January rain/ice event was one experience we could have done without. I encourage everyone to take all the necessary precautions when moving about outdoors.
In order to advance both our city operational and management systems council has initiated a procedural bylaw review and has adopted a new staff management process. With respect to the procedural review, we attempt to have our bylaw more fully aligned with the Cities’ Act and also to include procedural "Best Practices.” The workshop meeting agenda is available to the public and media, but supporting documents and attachments are considered to be embargoed – meaning that council discussion will occur and that recommendations may be made, but a recommendation is merely that. Hence, detailed publication on that recommendation is embargoed. It is the subsequent motion on that recommendation that officially reflects a council decision. Workshop and Council meetings are open to all as we continue to work in the best interests of our citizens and community.
On January 27, 2018 the HCUC will be the site of the Skate Melville’s Regional Competitions with skaters from surrounding areas coming to compete in our city.
SUMA (Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association) is being held in Regina this year from February 4th-February 7th. Several council members will be in attendance at this conference.
Did you know that because of early 1900 land speculation the railroad chose not to build the Melville town site at mile 286 (present-day Birmingham) but pulled back to mile 279, our present location.
Mayor Walter Streelasky

December 2017
To have the opportunity to celebrate yet another Christmas is truly dependent on and reflective of God’s grace. It is my sincere hope that you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.
The annual Remembrance Day events are both somber and yet gratifying. Somber by virtue of the devastation and horrendous loss of life. Gratifying in the fact that so many attend this event in appreciative remembrance.
We are very pleased to see the near completion of our 23-kilometer pipeline – a huge undertaking by KMS pipeline contractors in preparation for the plant construction phase. This construction project was financed by a 10.3 million dollar grant provided by a Provincial-Federal partnership. Progress on this 36.8 million dollar project is proceeding as scheduled.
The Melville Chamber Santa Day parade and events were most successful–thanks to the efforts of Harvey Kormos and volunteers. The community turnout and support was greatly appreciated.
During the past month five of the perspective new premier candidates have visited our city providing us with information on their leadership initiatives.
Hats off to the Melville Lions for their steadfast "Chase the Ace” effort in raising funds for our swimming pool. Also to Colleen Gorecki and Tom Dick, recipients of the Governor-General Sovereign Medal Award. Kudos, as well, to the organizers of the family based Filipino Christmas party and the Kinsmen for hosting the Community Christmas Celebration.
Congratulations to John Svenson who was recognized at the Melville Minor Football Banquet for his 27 years of coaching commitment to youth football.
In preparation for this season of peace and goodwill – please note the Community Christmas Cantata and the Bethlehem Live pageant both occurring on December 17th.
I am honored to serve as the Mayor of Melville and I very much cherish this opportunity. I am also aware that during this Christmas season there are folks in our community who are experiencing loss and sadness. If there is any way I can assist in lightening your burden please contact me at 728-4409.
Merry Christmas – Happy New Year!
Mayor Walter Streelasky

November 2017
It seems that we have quickly moved from fall to winter’s fury. From the city perspective, we will work hard to keep our streets and sidewalks clean with our resident’s safety being paramount.
I received a surprise parcel recently containing a variety of possessions, circulars, and mementos from the family of the late Peter Blake –former Mayor of Melville during the 1940’s. These articles will be displayed at City Hall and some items will be forwarded to Melville Heritage Museum. The City is most grateful to Mr. Blake’s family for sharing the history of Melville’s past with us.
On October 25th I had the opportunity to attend the 28th Legislative Assembly which also recognized Mr. Brad Wall’s final presence as Premier of the Province of Saskatchewan. Our City, on many occasions, was the beneficiary of his talented leadership efforts.
Thank you to all that assisted in setting up the new playground equipment at Kinsmen Park on the weekend of October 20-22. Your committed efforts are greatly appreciated. Our children will welcome spring with great joy as the park will once again be a busy site.
Hats off to the "Friends of the Library” who raised $1185 at their book sale held recently… to Colleen Gorecki on receiving the Canada 150 Community Volunteer Award, and to Independent Grocers for adding to our community consumer services.
City Manager Audrey Ulmer, and I attended the City Mayors’ Caucus meetings in Regina on November 1-2, 2017. On that occasion, we had the opportunity to meet with Cabinet Ministers, MLA’s and leaders of the opposition. Minister Doke, Government Relations attended our Nov 2nd meeting. Discussions centered on revenue sharing, grants-in-lieu, cannabis and homelessness issues.
We very much look forward to the Santa Day Parade of November 25th sponsored by the Melville and District Chamber of Commerce.
Did you know that "Wild Bill Hunter” who once tried to bring an NHL franchise to Saskatoon served as our Melville Rink Manager in 1950-51?
 Mayor Walter Streelasky  

October 2017
It always amazes me, almost overwhelms me, as to the involvement of so many of our citizens in the host of activities our community provides. Fall teas, sport schedules, budget preparations, sick and visiting committees, youth groups, church activities. So much to do, so capably done by volunteers.  Thank you all, Volunteers!
A host of notable events occurred during the last thirty days. Caleb Village celebrated its fifth anniversary of care in our community. We were the destination for two bus tours out of the city of Winnipeg. Their tour itinerary included the Qu’Appelle Valley, the fish hatchery and many City of Melville sites. Speaking of sites it is nice to see the steady development of the G3 elevator along Highway #10. We commend the "Growing with the Community” individuals and sponsors have taken on a very active and supportive role in our area by providing funding for community initiatives. Cultural Days occurred on the September 29th weekend with a variety of different events and activities taking place. Congratulations to Simeret Miller on receiving Baseball Canada’s Umpire kudos for her exceptional role as a baseball umpire serving Parkland Umpire Association during the last three years.
Our city crew is working hard in readiness for winter. A large number of potholes were attended to, but our roadway infrastructure certainly needs much future attention.
The City Manager and I will be attending several meetings in the next few weeks - meeting with the City Mayors’ Caucus and with the Provincial Cabinet in order to gain an understanding of the direction and support of future budgets. These meetings are crucial as we proceed with our own budget deliberations.
Did you know that our city received a $10 million dollar grant in support of our Regional Water Supply and Plant Initiative?
Mayor Walter Streelasky

September 2017
There is a beautiful poem written by Rachel Field that speaks to the passing of seasons and I quote, "Something told the wild geese it was time to go, though the fields lay golden… Something whispered snow.” And so, the summer break comes to an end and a host of scheduled activities including back to school, take hold.
The City Hall Flag was lowered to half-mast on Sunday, September 10th in recognition of Firefighters National Memorial Day. Our community is proud to recognize the efforts and contributions made by our local and national firefighters and the individual sacrifice that befall some in the line of duty.
Many different community representatives, as well as council members, participated in an Emergency Planning Organizational meeting under the leadership of Shelley Cherney on August 31st.  It is vital that our city attends to developing an acceptable "readiness plan” in advance of an impending community emergency.
As part of our participation in the Highway Transportation Master Plan study, which is 75% subsidized by our provincial government, the contractor utilized laser technology to determine road base repair requirements and to establish priority repair initiatives.
Our city is very appreciative of our cultural community and invite our residents to attend some of the cultural events planned for September 29th, 30th and October 1st. Please check on event schedules at or phone 728-3722.    
Did you know that Mr. Sylvester Albers, a resident of Caleb Village, created a WestJet Boeing 737 wooden replica that is now on display at the Calgary Airport?  Another Mr. Albers’ creation - a Dash 8Q Turboprop will hopefully be placed in a Western Air Canada terminal in the weeks to come.
Mayor Walter Streelasky 

August 2017
On July 19th the City of Melville along with Cary Piller, members of her family and a host of friends recognized the late Jack Piller at a ceremony to name the entry lane to Melville Agripark  "Piller Road.” The Pillers were very involved in the initial development and long-term support of this initiative. Over the years both Jack and Cary have been involved volunteering in a host of community projects.
The City of Melville, in conjunction with Parkland College, is presently offering the 14th Fire School Training session. There are 21 individuals in the 14 week program. To date over 280 firefighters have successfully taken their training at the Melville Fire School.After much deliberation, planning and surveying the construction of the 31 kilometer water pipeline beginning at the Killaly water well site and stretching to Melville is now in progress.
I am very pleased to report that as the result of the efforts of Jeff Kohnen, Dwayne Armbruster and Todd Brooks the last kilometer of the five plus Multi-Use Trail has now been completed. This trail is located in our Melville Regional Park where walkers, runners and bikers can now enjoy getting some exercise in the outdoors.
The City of Melville and neighboring municipalities have been very supportive of the Melville and District Recruitment and Retention Committee. I am very pleased to note that for the first time in many years we now have five practising physicians to provide professional medical care for our citizens.
Our city recognizes, with appreciation, the efforts, the leadership Premier Brad Wall has provided to the citizens of Melville and Area. Premier Wall has chosen to retire from politics in the near future. His steadfast support and presence during the 2014 flood served as an inspiration to many people who were experiencing a devastating event.
It is with great respect, appreciation and sorrow that we acknowledge the passing of long-term city employee Mr. Dave Pelzer. Mr. Pelzer had been employed in the Public Works Department for the past 33 years and has left an indelible mark on many projects in our community. Did you know that land agents were selling farm land at $18 dollars an acre in 1922 with an eight year repayment plan set at a 6% interest? 
Mayor Walter Streelasky

July 2017
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA! July 1, 2017, saw Canada celebrate its 150th birthday. Melville commemorated this special Sesquicentennial event with a multitude of activities. A pancake breakfast followed by the parade, the Centennial Park fun day, the big screen movie, the fireworks and the many other related events that occurred that day provided an opportunity for socializing and friendship. Other activities that added to the diversity of our community included the People, Pattern, Place event initiated by Shelly Miller and the Rodz N’ Relics Car show which attracted more than 140 vehicles.
As we reflect on our country’s 150 celebrations, we come to realize how fortunate we are as Canadians. The peace we have enjoyed, the resources our country boasts, the freedoms we experience and opportunities available to us truly make Canada a "quality of life” leader in the world. 
Congratulations to Jack Lubachowski, President of the Melville Minor Ball Association and the many volunteers on their 25th anniversary of hosting one of Western Canada’s largest minor baseball tournaments. Forty-eight teams participated on diamonds throughout the city and the Regional Park where countless campers commented on the beauty of our park.         
On behalf of the Citizens of Melville, I would like to congratulate the 2017 graduating class of Melville Comprehensive School on their completion of high school education in Melville. Thank you for your many scholastic and community contributions. We wish you well as you explore the world of opportunities!
Hats off to Dr. Dale Cochrane and wife Nora for providing 40 years of stellar veterinarian services to Melville and District. Kudos as well, to Ashley Philips, the Melville Chamber and Tia Pelzer for all their hard work on Canada Day! 
Mayor Walter Streelasky

May 2017
In spite of the many challenges facing our city, there have been many good news stories in our community.  The "Chase the Ace” project initiated by the Melville Lions Club in support of a new swimming pool occurs each Wednesday at HCUC at 5:00 pm. St. Peter’s Hospital-St Paul Lutheran Home honored volunteers at a luncheon on April 27th. The 50th anniversary of the Melville Arts Club and the Rail Station Gala occurred on April 29th. The Millionaire Baseball Gala on May 6th featuring former Blue Jays Roberto Alomar and Duane Ward along with President Kevin Kvaume was well attended. Tim Ohler’s International Mantis Canada re-branding grand opening occurred on May 6 with Grandmaster Sun Deyao of Atlanta, Georgia in attendance. On that same date the Vape Shop was officially opened for business. Don Narcisse, former Roughrider, with assistance from Robert Mimes and Dillon Grodin hosted a junior football development camp on Sunday, May 7. Our city celebrated "Pride Week” with the raising of the Pride flag at City Hall on May 9th. Very shortly our Commissionaire and the RCMP will initiate a "Positive Ticketing” event to recognize positive individual actions.
City Manager Audrey Ulmer, Director of Public Works Andrew Fahlman and I as Mayor, had a private meeting with Minister of Environment, Scott Moe, Minister of Government Relations, Donna Harpauer, and our MLA Mr. Warren Kaeding on May 1 attempting to resolve our landfill issues and to seek committed financial support for our major water project. We very much appreciated the opportunity to address these concerns and look forward to favorable results on these issues.
Council has approved an 8.36% increase in taxation with a 6.04% increase in revenue over the 2016 revenue requirement. An additional 2.32 % was required to overcome reduced provincial government grants-in-lieu funding.  Council will be looking at different tax scenarios before tax notices are issued.
We are pleased to note that Fire Chief Tyrone Mogenson was one of thirty individuals from across Canada that was invited to attend the National Fire Protection Association’s Rural Fire Symposium that was recently held in Toronto. This event attended to cross-Canada rural fire issues.
Did you know that some 340 individuals have received therapeutic support at the HCUC Cardiac Care Family Fitness Centre during the last five years?
Mayor Walter Streelasky 

February 2017 
The customary cold stormy January mellowed during the latter part of the month, which resulted in a bit of a winter reprieve.
With the coming of a new year, Council was subjected to detailed budget discussions. To date, we have approved a 6.04 revenue increase, but have not, as yet, established the taxation rate. That will be established once the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency sets out the new assessment rates.
Sincere congratulations to Larry Peterson, Chairperson of the 2017 Viterra-Scotties Tournament of Hearts, along with Larry Kreklewich, Melville Curling Club President, and all those volunteer workers who staged a most impressive and successful curling event during the week of January 24-29, 2017. Thank you, as well, to our HCUC and public works staff for their superb efforts to ensure that the event ran smoothly. We also congratulate the Penny Barker team of Moose Jaw who will represent Saskatchewan at the National competitions. We applaud the other curling competitors for their perseverance and display of skilled curling.There are many ways of advancing a positive ambience in our city. The Melville Prairie Fire Midget AAA Hockey Team raised over $9000.00 in support of Breast Cancer on January 14, 2017. The team, their coaches and executive are to be commended for their committed efforts. Melville Minor Hockey Night also occurred on that same date - two
There are many ways of advancing a positive ambience in our city. The Melville Prairie Fire Midget AAA Hockey Team raised over $9000.00 in support of Breast Cancer on January 14, 2017. The team, their coaches, and executive are to be commended for their committed efforts. Melville Minor Hockey Night also occurred on that same date - two well-attended activities occurring on the same night under one roof. President Wayne Bokor and his committee provided a most exciting evening of entertainment featuring guest speakers Craig Reynolds, Kevin Karius and Dennis Hull. Their presentations were enjoyed by all those in attendance.
Congratulations to MCS Football Coach John Svenson, who was invited to join the coaching staff of the National World Womens’ Football Championship for 2017.
Did you know that there are some 17 kilometres of cooling pipes in our HCUC ice slab?
Mayor Walter Streelasky