Utility E-Billing Contest

Sign-up for E-Bills!

Help the City of Melville reduce paper waste! Sign-up now to receive your City of Melville utility billing by email and you can be entered into a draw to receive one of two prizes:  the first being a $300 credit toward your utility billing account, and the second being a $200 credit toward your utility billing account. An application form for e-billing must be received by 4:00PM CST on December 31, 2018 to be eligible.

You can submit your completed application form in person at City Hall, 430 Main St., Melville, Saskatchewan; complete the online application form belowPRINT (PDF version), scan and e-mail your completed application form to utilitybilling@melville.ca  with the subject line reading eBill Contest; or mail in your form to:  eBill Contest, Box 1240, Melville, Saskatchewan, S0A 2P0.

** Please note that if you have already registered for e-billing for your utility bills you will be automatically entered and do not need to fill out a new application form.**

Rules and Regulations