Volunteer Recognition Awards

The Volunteer Recognition Program is organized by the City of Melville and presented by The City of Melville Recreation, Culture, and Leisure Services Advisory Committee. The group aims to uplift the contributions which volunteers provide to sport, culture, recreation, and overall community involvement. The Volunteer Recognition Program acknowledges the volunteer contributions of people active in developing, administrating, or providing programs and activities. 

Awards may be presented in the following categories:

SPORT – Individual
The Sport Volunteer Award is presented to an individual whose leadership qualities have contributed to the development of sport. It includes administration, leadership, coaching and participation in physical activities for enjoyment, fitness or excellence at all skill levels.
RECREATION – Individual
The Recreation Volunteer Award is presented to an individual who has shown exemplary community service in the administration and leadership of leisure activities. Recreation can involve sport, fitness, heritage, social, cultural, intellectual activity and outdoor pursuits.
Individual or Group
The Culture Volunteer Award is presented to an individual or a group whose volunteer efforts have contributed to the overall cultural identity of their community. This will encompass the area of heritage conservation, arts and/or multiculturalism.
The Community Involvement Volunteer Award is presented to an individual or group who has shown exemplary community involvement and development. The individual or group has exhibited strong community spirit, pride, and enhanced the community through their volunteer actions.
YOUTH – Individual
The Youth Volunteer Award is presented to a youth, to a maximum of 18 years of age, who has demonstrated leadership qualities in one or more of the listed categories (sport, recreation, culture, community involvement). Please list the nominee’s date of birth on the nomination form.
SENIOR – Individual
The Senior Volunteer Award is presented to a senior, being 55 years or older, who works with or volunteers with seniors. The person is involved and active in their community or district and belongs to organizations/committees within their community or district. The individual shares knowledge by teaching skills and/or resources (ie: quilting, knitting, sewing, carpentry, painting/drawing, etc) to others.

Nominations will be accepted until 4:00 pm on Friday, November 24, 2023. Please return the nomination form to Melville City Hall at 430 Main St., Melville or to the CN Community Centre Administration office at 575 2nd Ave W., Melville.  Forms may also be sent to:

  1. Melville City Hall (430 Main St.) OR
  2. CN Community Centre  Admin. Office (575 2nd Ave W.) OR
  3. Mailed to: City of Melville ATTN: Recreation Dept.; Box 1240; Melville, SK.; S0A 2P0

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For more information contact Recreation & Programming Manager, Kristin Renkas at (306) 728-6847.