City Services Year in Review

Melville City Council has set forth a clear directive of transparency to our residents.  City of Melville management team has put together a Year in Review document for 2019 highlighting projects completed and services provide to our residents.   

It is no exaggeration to say that every hour of every day the City of Melville is ready to provide the essential and non-essential services to our residents.  Ensuring that our public infrastructure is designed, built, maintained, and repaired to support the high quality of life Melville residence and businesses expect and deserve. 

·  Administration Services are the front-line of all City departments.  Committed to assisting residents with questions, concerns and administration services, while performing duties essential to the everyday operations of the City.

 ·  Community Services Department ensures accessibility/maintenance of recreation facilities and parks, provides diverse recreational programming and events. Residents and visitors and has recognized the importance of communication to our community through various media platforms.  The Melville Fire Department continues to provide essential fire protection services to Melville and surrounding communities.

 ·  Public Works and Planning Department focuses on delivery of drinking water, efficient conveyance systems for sewage and storm-water, street and lane maintenance, signage and signals for traffic safety, maintenance of our beautiful green spaces and cemetery.