Charles Melville Hays

From May 16, 1856 to April 15, 1912

Charles Melville Hays began working for the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad in St. Louis, Missouri. He became a secretary to the general manager of the Missouri Pacific Railroad in 1878. After his time as a secretary, he then was the General Manager for the Grand Trunk Railroad from 1899 – 1912. He married Clara Jennings Gregg in 1881 and together had four daughters. They then moved to Melville in 1909 and started the construction of the railway between Regina and Melville. He was a major part in the building of the City Hall Opera House because he believed it would be a great way to represent the growing community. 

At the age of 55, Charles was one of the 1503 people who died on the RMS Titanic in 1912. His wife and daughters were able to make it off of the ship alive and came back to Melville to continue his legacy.