Silhouettes of Melville

Melville Welcomes You

Wheat Stalks, flag, & rocks are a warm welcome to visitors approaching from the West. A Retired Teachers’ Association project.

Welcome to Melville
Location: Highway #10 West of Melville

Railway Theme

The engine & conductor reflect Melville’s historic dependence on the C.N.R. as a major employer. The conductor welcomes visitors and points them to our downtown core.
Railway Train
Location: Jaycee Park 3rd Ave

Boy on Bicycle

Children & bikes go hand-in-hand!
Location: 100 block of 3rd Ave. West


A gift to Audrey from her Staff.

Location: South wall of Danello's Beauty Salon at 209 Main St.



A tribute to the heritage of prairie agriculture. The figure is looking up for weather signs, for a better future. Sponsored by Prairie Co-operative Ltd. It is surrounded by historic wagon wheels, a walking plow, rock, and native plants.

Location: Corner of Queen St. & 2nd Ave. (across from the Co-op Grocery Store)

Figure Skater & Hockey Player

Hockey teams were established in 1909, figure skating in 1950 marking Melville’s reputation as a sports town.
 Figure Skater & Hockey Player 
Location: Corner of Queen St. & 2nd Ave at the Merv Moore Sportsplex


E.J. Motter was the first tradesman to set up shop in Melville. The plumbing firm was owned by the family for 71 years, from 1908-1979. Silhouette sponsored by Ellen Motter.

 Location: 429 Main St.

Woman & Child

Represents families as important to Melville's history and future.

Women & Child 

Location: On City Hall grounds on Main St. near the Public Library


Donated by Lee & Lorraine Fritze in recognition of the Melville residents who graduated form the R.C.M.P. academy.


Location: 515 Main St.


Youth Group

Representing youth involvement in church. Sponsored by SRG and confirmation class of 2004.

Youth Group 

Location: St. Henry’s Church 729 Main St.

Children at Play with Dog

What is more enjoyable than watching children at play? Kinsmen Park has always been the children’s playground heart of the City.

Children at Play with Dog
Location: Queen St. & 7th Ave.

Tribute Tree

Part of the Martha’s Garden, dedicated to the Sisters of St. Martha who served the health care needs of the community from 1940-1980.

Location: Inner courtyard of St. Peter’s Hospital.


Family Group

Is our family out for a hole-in-one, or just looking to a day of fun? (Silhouette by Keith Lang & Jim Schmidt.)
Family Golfing
Location: at the Melville Country Club Golf Course across Highway #10 and Queen St. exit.


Show Stoppers

A painted snowmobiler silhouette in memory of Mark Lalonde.
Location: Service Road North of Highway #10.

Ball Player

Recognizes the importance of ball teams of all ages.
Baseball Player 
Location: Prince Edward St. entrance to Regional Park.

Cowboy & Rodeo Figure

Funded by private donations, located near the main building in the AgriPark.
Cowboy and Rodeo 
Location: AgriPark Road off Highway #10 East


Sponsored by the Lions Club to replace the Hugh Vassos’ original fiber-glass model. (Designed by Wally Oucharek)

 Location: Highway #10 East